Apple to Launch New Ad Tracking Solution to Protect User Privacy | The CYDigital Blog |
Apple says it’s time to re-think the entire online advertising ecosystem. Its new ad tracking solution (“Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution”) is meant as a compromise solution, offering the very strongest privacy protection possible, while still giving advertisers enough information to judge the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

As Apple sees it, the only information that an advertiser needs to know is that a user (but NOT a personally identifiable user) clicked on an ad and eventually made a purchase related to that ad. Everything else – all the little micro-steps along the way – is superfluous. Moreover, as WebKit explains it, an effective online advertising model does not require that Site A know that you purchased something on Site B. This type of cross-site tracking is what is so dangerous from a privacy perspective. Only Site B should know that you purchased something on Site B.