Your customers don’t want absolute privacy — just fair compensation for their data - TheNextWeb | The CYDigital Blog |
First, through our MSR app, my team asked a group of individuals how concerned they are about the general protection of their privacy. Seventy-four percent said they were either somewhat or extremely concerned. No big surprises here. We went a step further by asking them how likely they’d be to share more data if they felt their privacy was protected, 61 percent indicated that they probably or definitely would. 

When we asked our users if they would be willing to share more data if they felt corporations were being more transparent in how they were using the data, we found 77 percent indicating that they probably or definitely would share more. 

Here is where things get interesting. Our team also asked how likely they would be to share more data if they were paid fairly for it. Wait for it . . . 73 percent said they probably or definitely would, with only 7 percent saying they would not (the rest being neutral). So the question becomes, do people care about privacy, do they care about being paid, do they care about transparency or something else entirely?