The research approach utilises market research techniques to ensure that the as-is journey that is being plotted provides an accurate reflection of the customer’s experience by directly utilising their feedback. A combination of qualitative and quantitative research, which is sometimes referred to as Voice of the Customer or VoC, is employed to generate an empirically based journey map.

Voice of the Customer allows the business to plot CX ‘Curves’ that detail the current and expected or ideal performance of the business across each of the touch points along the journey. CX Curves allow the practitioner to identify Moments of Truth (points on the journey when customers’ expectations are at their greatest) and pain points (points on the journey when delivery performance is at its lowest OR where the gap between the customer’s expectation and the delivery is at its greatest). Furthermore, multiple regression analysis of the VoC data allows the business to identify the key drivers of certain types of behaviour (e.g. loyalty, repurchase and/ or likelihood to recommend) depending on the questions that have been asked.