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Where does all this dark data come from?  The way dark data is created falls into one of two categories. One is the data is not collected at all -- it's sort of zombie data. Oftentimes, that will happen when companies bring new servers online, especially in these days of ephemeral servers and serverless. It's so easy to bring these servers online and take them down again very quickly without ever having collected those logs.

The second half of the dark data has to do with people just collecting the data for various reasons -- such as compliance or just helping them sleep better at night -- and then just not consuming it. That would fall into that 'unused' category.

The other thing is everyone, despite the fact that they had a high percentage of dark data, still felt that data skills would be essential. The last part was that there's a global agreement that [using] AI is possibly the way to get a hold of this dark data moving forward.