Self-sovereign ID key to data privacy - ComputerWeekly | The CYDigital Blog |
In a world where it is possible to connect personally identifiable information (PII) from a wide variety of sources in many different ways, Dow said it is time to re-think how identity is managed.

“In the face of record data breaches, hacking and problems with centralised data, customers are more vulnerable than ever before,” she said, adding that an experiment has shown that even with the highest privacy setting on Facebook, downloading a pregnancy app results in being flooded with content related to motherhood.

“How organisations collect and process data to personalise services is going to make the difference between gaining trust, getting fined and even getting fired,” said Dow. “There is enormous responsibility in developing these systems.”

On the positive side, Dow said there are some “great new technology possibilities” that include things such as self-sovereign or self-manged identity and zero knowledge proofs. “There are opportunities for us to start changing the way the identity stack looks so that we can unlock [personal] data with greater trust,” she added.