What Is Homomorphic Encryption? And Why Is It So Transformative? - Forbes | The CYDigital Blog | Scoop.it
Homomorphic encryption makes it possible to analyze or manipulate encrypted data without revealing the data to anyone. Something as simple as looking for a coffee shop when you’re out of town reveals huge volumes of data with third parties as they help you satiate your caffeine craving—the fact that you’re seeking a coffee shop, where you are when you’re searching, what time it is and more. If homomorphic encryption were applied in this fictional coffee search, none of this information would be visible to any of third parties or service providers such as Google. In addition, they wouldn’t be able to see what answer you were given regarding where the coffee shop is and how to get there.

While we might be willing to part with the data that is exposed when we search for our next caffeine fix, homomorphic encryption has huge potential in areas with sensitive personal data such as in financial services or healthcare when the privacy of a person is paramount. In these cases, homomorphic encryption can protect the sensitive details of the actual data, but still, be analyzed and processed.