Investing in Your Preference Management System | The CYDigital Blog |
Customers view companies as a single entity but basic preference collection webpages prevent companies from behaving like one. They behave as siloed systems,  information systems that isolate data from the rest of the organization. By resorting to a simple preference webpage companies are missing out on the marketing opportunity. When customer preference information is shared across the organization, marketing efforts can be customized to effectively deliver a personalized and consistent message. Instead, customers experience inconsistent interactions, unwanted emails, and phone calls; they are turned away feeling unheard.

Once businesses are aware of the dangers associated with over simplified or DIY systems, they realize the value of robust enterprise preference management solutions. A centrally located management system is necessary to minimize risk; integration across the whole company guarantees all business units are in-sync, listening to the customer, and communicating with them accordingly. These systems build trust, enhancing vital and customer relations and ROI. A study by InfoQuest found that a satisfied customer will contribute up to 2.6 times more revenue than an unsatisfied customer. In the case that compliance is called into question, experienced systems protect legal authority through following regulatory rules, recording data and providing businesses with a full history of each consent permission to date.