Crypto Security Tokens: What You Need to Know | The CYDigital Blog |
There are two main types of tokens: utility tokens and security tokens.

Most tokens today are utility tokens, like the Brave browser’s Basic Attention Token, for example. As the name implies, utility tokens serve a specific function and are intended to be used for that function only.

Security tokens are more like, well…securities.

A 2017 Medium post by the Argon Group describes the idea behind security tokens quite well:

“These tokens constitute an investment contract, where the main use-case, and the reason for the contributors to buy the tokens, is the anticipation of future profits in form of dividends, revenue share or (most commonly) price appreciation.
Some token offerings are also structured as a donation (i.e. Tezos), whereby those who contribute bitcoin or ether in exchange for tokens are deemed to have charitably contributed to a foundation or non-profit entity.”
Security tokens in and of themselves are creating increased interest in crypto. And even all that aside, some big players are getting ready to make big moves into cryptocurrency.